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Dredging the internet cesspit

Its true, sex sells!

A few weeks ago the European Southern Observatory (ESO) posted its Top 100 images and I had a little fun with it.

With my inner cynic riding high, I used the headline 'Top 100 Porn Stars' and lots of tasteless innuendos to describe what were, frankly, stunning images of stars. Today I got around to checking my Google Analytics results.

Now, normally these stats are very little to write home about (thanks Mum for keeping them off the floor!) but, the ESO story had some staggering results – since I posted it, 'Top 100 Porn Stars' received a staggering 3,500 times (give or take) more hits than any page usually achieves!

Top 100 porn stars which I mean, here are some gratuitous images of stars

The European Southern Observatory has now posted its Top 100 images and – of course – they are pure astronomical porn (sorry to any Googlers looking for something a bit more spicy). Here is a carefully (non-sweaty) handpicked selection of my personal favorites so take a moment to savour the smokin' bodies of nebulae, the stark-naked beauty of supernovae and the voluptuous curves of some truly heavenly bodies...

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