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I've been a bit loney since I ate all my friends

Serial killer galaxy devours neighbours

Dr Harold Shipman, Jeffery Dahmer, Jack the Ripper all names that resonate through the halls of serial killer infamy. Well, its time to add a new name to that list...

Meet ESO 306-17 (pretty sinister eh?), is a galaxy that prowls the universe about a billion light years from Earth. Have look at the picture and you'll see something strange about ESO 306-17. Firstly, its very big and secondly it seem to sitting in a big patch of empty space. Its not a case of cosmic halitosis that sees it seemingly avoided by its stellar companions, nor is so large because

Black hole caught building galaxy – Cosm Dec 04, 2009

Meet the galaxy builders

Do quasar's powered by super-massive black holes build galaxies?

Black holes have been a staple villain of science fiction for decades. They are portrayed as sinister behemoths that lurk in the dark recesses of the universe ready to devour anything unfortunate enough to fall within their grasp. This destructive reputation has taken a blow this week as a new study has revealed a black hole that is actually creating a new galaxy from scratch.

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