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black hole

It's just black holes all the way down...

Was our universe born in a wormhole in another universe?

(excuse me Sir, my brain is full!)

A long time ago in a universe far, far away a giant star is in its death throws. It has shone undiminished for billions of years, faithfully illuminating its corner of the cosmos but, its fuel finally exhausted, it collapses. Its quiet implosion concentrates all of its formerly colossal bulk into a tiny speck, a black hole that bends the fabric of the universe to such a degree that it tunnels into another reality and the star becomes a wormhole. Within the wormhole’s womb, a seed of matter expands to become a whole new universe in which, one day, you will be born, live out your days and die.

This might sound pretty fantastic but a theoretical physicist believes that just such a scenario could answer some of cosmology’s most annoying problems.

One of those problems is gravity. For decades scientists – including Einstein – have struggled to mathematically unite this force with the other fundamental forces (electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces).

Another problem is the messy reality that our universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate when, theoretically, its expansion should be slowing. The last is more of a question than a problem – what came before the Big Bang?

Black hole caught building galaxy – Cosm Dec 04, 2009

Meet the galaxy builders

Do quasar's powered by super-massive black holes build galaxies?

Black holes have been a staple villain of science fiction for decades. They are portrayed as sinister behemoths that lurk in the dark recesses of the universe ready to devour anything unfortunate enough to fall within their grasp. This destructive reputation has taken a blow this week as a new study has revealed a black hole that is actually creating a new galaxy from scratch.

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