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Bloodhound SSC: The 1,000mph speed freak

Just one big graphic today folks... with extra bits I couldn't squeeze into the newspaper.

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Here's an intro to lead you into the supersonic magnificence:

EVER since 1903, when Alexander Winton cranked his “Bullet” up to the colossal speed of 68.198 mph and set the first land speed record, engineers have pushed technology to its limits (and sometimes beyond) in order to become the fastest man on Earth.

Today nothing has changed and latest condender for the speed crown is currently being built in Bristol.

The team behind the Bloodhound SSC (Super Sonic Car) is not just planning on beating the current record of 763mph – they are planning to smash it. In 2013, RAF pilot Andy Green will attempt to take Bloodhound SSC to a blood-curdling speed of 1,050mph.

Here’s how they will do it.

Feel free to download and print out as sort of whizzy poster-type devise.