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Testing testing...

Last week, an old friend suggested we should make a Cosm podcast. So we did.

We have called it the Cosm Science Ramble – because that is what it is. Just two blokes rambling on about science.

This one was recorded as a tester. No planning or forethought went into it. It wasn't meant to heard by anyone (ever) but we thought it was fun so decided to share it.

The more observant amongst you might notice what seems to be "dead air" for a few seconds at about 7 minutes. I'd like to say that we inserted this gap to allow time for reflection and contemplation... but I'd be lying (sorry).

Future editions will be (slightly) better planned and have more facts and stuff (hopefully). We will also try to move to a proper place in the iTunes podcast world.

If you can't stay glued to the pointless video image or use flash, you can listen to the mp3 here (if you right-click and save as, you can download it too)

If you hate (or love) it let me know – it will have a bearing on whether we do any more. If you are apathetic about it, then just sigh, shake your head and move along...