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Stop taking your star for granted!

This is your Sun (and by Flagnoid it's beautiful!)

This is a close up of an image of the surface of the star we call Sun and what you are looking at is a sunspot the size of Earth!

For where we stand, the Sun is seems to be little more than a yellow splodge in the sky (albeit a very bright one), but when you point a very powerful camera at its surface, you reveal a dynamic churning surface that is simply staggering in its beauty.

These images were taken by a device known as IBIS (Interferometric BIdimensional Spectrometer) which is mounted on the Dunn Solar Telescope in New Mexico.

Here are a few more close ups. The full image covers area of the Sun's surface about 200,000km by 200,000 km – which accounts for less than half a per cent of the Sun's visible surface. Click on any of the images to see the full image and gaze on 200,000km of Sun!