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Dredging the internet cesspit

Its true, sex sells!

A few weeks ago the European Southern Observatory (ESO) posted its Top 100 images and I had a little fun with it.

With my inner cynic riding high, I used the headline 'Top 100 Porn Stars' and lots of tasteless innuendos to describe what were, frankly, stunning images of stars. Today I got around to checking my Google Analytics results.

Now, normally these stats are very little to write home about (thanks Mum for keeping them off the floor!) but, the ESO story had some staggering results – since I posted it, 'Top 100 Porn Stars' received a staggering 3,500 times (give or take) more hits than any page usually achieves!

That in itself shouldn't be a surprise... what is surprising is, on average, each of those misguided visitors stayed on the page for nearly three minutes... what's that all about?

Were they scouring the images for hidden breasty beauties, or (well, for three minutes at least) did they rest their sweaty palms and discover the wonder that is our universe?

I like to think that, thanks to me, one less Kleenex was made homeless that day...